An interesting development; Counting by 7s, chapters 1-15

An interesting development; Counting by 7s, chapters 1-15

Hello beautiful people!

If you're here reading this then that means the first blog post was enough to keep you interested, that's great! I do apologize for my not-so-timely posting this week, life got a head of me but what matters is that we're here now so let's get into it.

Oooooooooh my goodness, these chapters took me by storm! I certainly was not expecting this sort of writing nor story from this book but I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to read right through the whole thing, but you know adult responsibilities and what not. I couldn't have been the only one feeling this way, everyone raise their hands if they agree!

So, like I said in the first post when I read chapter one Willow experiences a tragedy, spoiler alert; her parents get into an accident and died. Yikes. Then with chapters 2-14 is all about the background, it jumps back 2 months in the past and Willow explains everything leading up to that actual moment with great detail. She talks about having it bad in elementary school and is starting fresh the next school year at a new middle school on the other side of town and eveything that unfolds from there. The author made it painfully obvious that Willow isn't exactly "normal" and is extremely bright, a young woman well ahead of her age which I related to almost immediately.

Fun fact: I was in advanced and honor classes since the 3rd grade, I remember taking the test to see whether or not I was "gifted" and having to change classes to be with "kids like me". Unfortunately, once a bullied awkward nerd always a bullied awkward nerd. The school wasn't that big, I didn't get a fresh new start but it was nice to be with others that understood me to an extent. So my personal relationship with this character grew quite quickly as I learned more about her.

How did you guys feel your connection to the character, I would love to know! Tell me in the comments what your thoughts are about her so far.

Anyways, as the chapters build up you get to meet new characters that Willow interacts with on a fairly regular basis, Dell Duke being a pretty big one as he just gets to know Willow right before this big pivotal moment for her. I don't really know whether to feel bad for this man or slightly grossed out by him, maybe both can be done. Dell is a middle aged counselor for the school district and has had a pretty bumpy road getting to where he is, and it might partially have to do with just how lazy he is. But you can tell, and it's perfectly written out, that Dell is awakened in a sense by his meeting with Willow and is constantly trying to know more about whats going on inside her head.

We also get an introduction about how Willow came to know Mai and we get to watch this beautiful friendship begin to blossom, which is a pretty foreign concept for this young girl but Mai is definitely just who she is going to need in her life. Mai reminds me a lot of my half sister; strong, bold, loud, and would stare down anybody who dares to mess with those she cares about. And it's clear to see why Willow takes a fast liking to her, besides the fact of wanting to discover her ancestral background,  Mai stood up for her when Dell was being super rude and making her uncomfortable virtually acting as her protector just like she is to her brother Quang-ha.

The manner in which the author set up the death of Jimmy and Roberta is truly heartbreaking, she works you up to an emotional point with Roberta's health and makes you feel as they drive off that things are going to get better when suddenly, BAM! They get t-boned from an impatient driver and just die without having a single hope for surviving. I was clenching my jaw and breathing heavily at this point, the author clearly knows how to get her audience. I couldn't even imagine this happening to my mother, especially after already having health scares in the past this chapter of their inevitable death put me on edge. How did Sloan's depiction of their death leave you feeling? Were you as tense as I was?

I can definitely say that I am already looking forward to the next 15 chapters, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this first segment and where you think the story will be going from here. Please leave your comments below and I will see you next Monday 1/16 for a look on chapters 16-31. As always this month's book will be 10% off through the end of January, just used code 'BOOKCLUB10' at checkout to receive your discount.


-Maggie D.

Maggie De La Torre

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