Beginning of our book club! Week 1, 'Counting by 7s' by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Beginning of our book club! Week 1, 'Counting by 7s' by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Hello, and happy new year to all of you!

A quick introduction; my name is Maggie, I am Deb's daughter (Dave's stepdaughter), and I cover all of the social media stuff for the store (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Right before the new year I was thinking of things I'd like to try in 2017 and I remembered the books my mother sent me for Christmas. At first my brain started going the whole "Oh, I really should read more. I barely have the time to but I should make time" kind of route and then suddenly a great idea popped into my head: a book club!

So after a VERY lengthy text to my mother explaining everything I had come up with, which honestly could have been as simple as "Hey, we should start a book club", and several questions on my end I got the answer I was hoping for "Sure *thumbs up emoji*" I mean it was a little lack luster, and I really think she has an addiction to emoji use, but it was exactly what I wanted. So now we're here, talking about our first book of the year Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan, and I can't wait to read everyone's reactions!

Now things might be a little bumpy at first as we find a good flow for everyone to be a part of, but for now I will be posting every Monday about a predetermined section of chapters and leaving the post open to discussion for those of you who are reading along with me. This community will be for anyone from teenagers to grandparents, so I do ask that we keep our discussions appropriate and lighthearted, this is supposed to be fun after all! Hopefully some day we'll get into vlog posts but hey, I'm just dipping my toes in the water right now.

So for our book this month I read the first chapter just to get a little taste and I can definitely say I'm intrigued. The first chapter gives a quick view of the main character, a young girl with a strange obsession with number 7, who has just suffered from a tragedy (I won't give anything away). Now I immediately caught interest in this book for I too have always had a strange obsession with an odd number, plus the chapter was well written and didn't get stale. With this chapter book being a New York Times Bestseller I know that this will be a great first read to start our book club off with, some reviews as food for thought:

"Willow Chance subtly drew me into her head and her life, so much so that I was holding my breath for her by the end. Holly Goldberg Sloan has created characters who will stay with you long after you finish the book." -Sharon Creech, Newbery Award-winning author of Walk Two Moons
"In achingly beautiful prose, Holly Goldberg Sloan has written a delightful tale of transformation that's a celebration of life in all its wondrous, hilarious and confounding glory." -Maria Semple, author of Where'd You Go, Bernadette

So with that being said I hope you are all excited as I am to continue reading this book, and grow our little club! Next Monday, January 9, I will be reviewing chapters 1-15 and asking you all how you felt about it. I'm a speedy reader and I want to try to limit each book to a month, but please don't feel the need to keep up at that pace. I want everyone to enjoy this so take your time and really get into the book. This book will be 10% off for the month of January, just use the code 'BOOKCLUB10' for online purchases or tell your cashier when in store for the discount. I hope to see many people next week on here, happy reading!


-Maggie D.

Maggie De La Torre

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