New beginnings; Counting by 7s, chapter 16-31

New beginnings; Counting by 7s, chapter 16-31

Hello one and all, I hope your past week has treated you kindly and you're ready to discuss this week's chapters!

As you can tell from the photo (Left to right: Noodle and Daisy, the other fur child Morely was sunbathing) I needed all the support I could get to make it through these chapters. It was just so difficult emotionally to read and experience what had just happened to this young girl. While unfolding the story after Jimmy and Roberta's death I truly appreciate that the author doesn't just stick with first person point of view, nor does she solely report Willow's life. Sloan realizes that though this book is about Willow's life after death, there are more people than just her creating this story and that they also need their own narrative. Good going Holly! *thumbs up emoji* I'm becoming my mother.

After Willow discovers her parents, the only people she really TRULY loved, had been killed in a car accident it's like her internal system just stops and is trying to reboot while everyone else is going on. The way I had read it was almost like in those action movies when a bomb goes off and the main character is sitting there with their ears ringing not fully knowing whats going on while someone by them fails to get through them. Well Willow is the main character, and her parents death is the bomb. Commence ringing ears and failure to understand the situation. I can't even begin to imagine the pain in this girl's heart, but I this is also when my love for Mai just grows so much. Her ability to quickly jump to action and be the rock her friends needs right then is worth applauding for, she's able to process what just happens and know that this little girl needs a home with someone she knows before they cart her off to some strangers house.

Do you guys think lying to the police about their family ties was a smart move on Mai's end? Or do you think this will later blow up on them? Let me know in the comments!

 After this happens the reader is just left witnessing a young girl work her way through depression, and not knowing how to reach out for it. As someone who not only suffers from but has watched loved ones suffer from depression, I know how much of a struggle it is especially if you don't have the emotional support. This girl's intellectual depth can tell her exactly what she's feeling and how to best handle it, but saying and doing are two completely different things and unfortunately our main character shuts down inside of herself and discontinues things that were extremely important to her. Chapter 29 is really when it gets dark for her, especially the last couple of paragraphs she describes about how she no longer cares for the same things, and certain topics are no longer relevant in her life and it just makes your heart sink.

Starting these next 15 chapters is leaving me with a weird taste in my mouth; I'm extremely excited to continue reading this well written book but I'm also very anxious about the emotional roller coaster we're about to go through. With that being said there's a section I'd like to quote, as it leaves me feeling hopeful for our young girl:

"I have seen trees that survive fire. Their bark is burned and their limbs are dead branches. But hidden under that skeleton is a force that sends a single shoot of green out into the world. Maybe if I'm lucky, that will one day happen to me. But right now, I can't see it." -pg. 184

Though Willow can't see it right now, she's already hopeful to grow from this and I'm hopeful to read about her recovery in these next chapters. Join me again next week for another installment on our book club! Don't forget use code 'BOOKCLUB10' at checkout for a 10% off discount this month's book.


-Maggie D.

Maggie De La Torre

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