Mon Premier Bébé Bath Plouf Pink Baby Doll

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The Corolle 12 inch  Baby Bath Plouf dolls are fun bath dolls with a different design. Rather than using Corolle's traditional light colored cloth for the doll body, Corolle decided to use a colorful decorated cloth for the doll body. This gives the doll a dressed look, even though it is not really wearing an outfit.

Whether you choose the pink or aqua color, the doll has blue glass blinking eyes, no hair and features hand painted details. These bath babies have soft bodies filled with quick drying pellets and vinyl arms, legs, and head. The vinyl has the light scent of vanilla.

As a really cute bonus the Plouf bath doll comes with a set of yellow swim flippers. They are so adorable.

  • This Corolle baby doll that is "ready to swim" with its removable flippers (included).
  • This swimming companion also helps children slowly familiarize themselves with all types of aquatic environments: bathtub (soapy water), swimming pool (chlorinated water), sea (salt water).
  • There is a tab sewn onto the doll's back so it can be hung up to dry after bathing or playing with water.
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