Dino Duel- Spinosaurus & Velociraptor


Dino Duel- Spinosaurus & Velociraptor

$ 9.99

  • NCLUDES 2 DINOSAURS, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor
  • MUSEUM QUALITY; all self-standing and accurately portioned
  • HAND-PAINTED with elaborate details
  • LIFELIKE FEATURES include individual teeth, toes, wrinkles and more
      Travel way back in time to the prehistoric world, with Neat-Oh!’s duelling dinosaurs.


Dino Duel™ T-Rex & Stegosaurus are beautifully designed, museum quality, hand painted figurines that bring out the colorful prehistoric world of long ago. The solid (not hollow) dinosaurs, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor, stand in fierce poses. Includes 2 dinosaurs. Neat-Oh!® Dinosaur products.

Ages 3+.

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