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The ZipBin®20 Dinosaur Tote w/2 dinosaur has an has a beautiful artwork featuring prehistoric creatures. With softs sides and a handle on top, the tote is convenient to carry anywhere. It is ideal for exploring like an archeologist and for storing your favorite collection of dinosaurs. It also holds your lunch or school supplies and is great for field trips or camp. When unzipped it becomes a Playmat or placemat that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Weighs less than one pound. Includes 2 dinosaurs.
Have fun and decorate your room with all Neat-Oh!® ZipBin® Dinosaur products. Ages 3+. We ARE kid’s storage. ZipBin® Products. Keep It Together™ 

Key Features:

  • Contains two small dinosaurs – with room to add about 20 more
  • Is both a storage tote for figurines/toys and a flat surface for creative play
  • Perfectly sized for travel – fits on an airplane tray!
  • Made from highest-quality, durable, easily-cleaned materials
  • Tested to the most stringent quality and safety standards
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