Discovery Kids: Travel through the Amazing World of Animals

$ 9.99
Our planet is home to more than 8 million different types of animal! From tiny hummingbirds to the gigantic blue whale, plus humans like us! Discovery Kids invites you to Travel Through the Amazing World of Wild Animals in this fun-filled Factivity book. Colorful illustrations and engaging puzzles and activities provide a great introduction to the animal kingdom. Organized by habitat, this book covers all sorts of animal behaviors and characteristics, from camouflage in tropical rain forests, tricks for finding water in the desert, bodies built for swimming, staying warm in polar regions, and more! A handy glossary explains new terms, and Animal Fact Files throughout give basic information like height, region, and diet for 20 different animals, including your favorite birds, reptiles, big cats, bears, sharks, and more! Travel by land, sea, and air to discover the world of animals. Start your exciting journey now!
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