Fingerprint Activities


Fingerprint Activities

$ 15.99

Fingerprint Activities Book by Usbore

  • A colourful book full of pictures to fingerprint and with its own inkpad of seven bright colours to paint with.
  • Bursting with fun fingerprinting ideas, from decorating turtles’ shells and filling a vase with flowers to printing mice, a scary t-rex or a colourful caterpillar.
  • The colourful inkpad allows children to make fingerprint pictures quickly and easily wherever they are, with no need for brushes and paint pots.
  • With fingerprinting tips and extra pages for children to fill with their own fingerprint creations.
  • Inks are washable.

Age: 6+

Key Stage: KS1 (info)

BIC: B2L79 (info)

Spiral-bound hardback with ink pad:
ISBN: 978-0-7945-3475-2
64 pages
210 x 165mm

Author/Editor: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Erica Harrison

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