Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry

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What It Is

Science gets crafty with the new Klutz activity book Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry. With it, kids get almost all the tools they need to make up to seven different jewelry projects, depending on the size of the crystals they grow, including making a crystal stick pendant, wire coil earrings, a crystal ring, a geode slice pendant, a zigzag pendant, and a colossal crystal. 

Essentially, pipe cleaners become the base for the crystal jewelry. Kids create a solution of distilled water and crystal powder to help the crystals grow on the pipe cleaners. Boiling water on the stove is required, as is patience because you have to let the hot water cool down in some steps, you have to let things dry in other steps, and you have to wait for crystals to grow, which can take a few hours.

But while you're waiting, the instruction booklet provides many pages explaining how crystals grow so that kids can gain an understanding of the science behind the activity they're doing.

Once the crystals have grown and are dry, you've got to glaze the crystals, let them dry, and then attach the crystals to whatever piece of jewelry you're making, from necklace cord to earrings to a ring. You can even decorate the crystals with glitter.

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