All existing IQ-games I designed so far had a few things in common:
-the challenges show the position of some puzzle pieces
-each puzzle piece is made in a specific color
-the segments of each puzzle is based on a circle (except for the X shape of IQ-XOXO)
-puzzle pieces are double sided
In IQ-Focus the object of the game is still to fill up the grid, but now the challenge only shows a part of the solution. This is the 3x3 area in the middle of the game board, which is also visible through the glossy window when you close the lid.
Each puzzle piece is now one-sided. The topside has little cubes in different colors. That means that a specific color is no longer tied to a specific puzzle piece. Some puzzle pieces have just 1 color, others have 2, 3 or 4 different colors. This makes identifying which part of a puzzle pieces is visible in the central 3x3 grid a lot harder. There are some similarities with Bend-it, which is also a game in pattern recognition.
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