NogginSeek by SmartNoggin. Recommended for ages 3 months and up. Considered a best toy for 1 year olds. Rated a top toy for 2 year olds. Unique Baby Rattle With Beads That Hide Inside Handle, Reappear When Shaken. Encourages Gross Motor Skills, Cause-Effect Learning, Awareness of Object Permanence. A Brilliant Way To Strengthen Baby's Brain Through Play!. Striped Tube Inside Handle Moves Up and Down for Visual Excitement - Inspires Wrist Rotation. Designed By Early Childhood Experts. Clear Plastic Bulb Features Textured Face To Inspire the Imagination. Handle Features Textured Rubber Ring - Fun To Feel and Explore. Includes Nogginseek Developmental Rattle, Parent Guide To Infants' Milestones. Exceptionally Safe, Highly Durable Design and Materials
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