Rapid Reflex by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Fat Brain Toy Co.

Rapid Reflex by Fat Brain Toy Co.

$ 9.99

Parents’ Choice Recommended Award 2012
2012 National Association for Gifted Children Toy List
2012 Major Fun Award - Kids Games
2012 Major Fun Award - Family Games
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award - Gold Seal 2012
Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award 2012

RAPID REFLEX - A seriously slappy game of super speedy response.

Right hand pickle! 

Quicker than a flash – your right hand flies to the green card on the table.
You lucky thing.

You were first to make the mental connection and slap the green card for pickle (with the right hand), so you get to keep the green card.

It’s not just a race. Nooooo siree. Rapid Reflex builds listening & attention skills, directional & color concepts, vocabulary, visual discrimination, and hand-eye coordination.

Simple, though there is a catch. (There’s always a catch.)
Since you already earned a green card for "right hand pickle" - hold back when you hear “Left hand Alligator!” 

If you slap a color card you already own, you don’t get to keep it. Darn. Plus, you’ll have to give up the "pickle-earned" green card so near and dear to your heart. (sniff. sniff.)

Don’t resign yourself to tears.

This is one ingenious game with 80 brilliant items. A few more are destined to become objects of your hands’ affection. 

Right hand banana! Left hand ocean! Lickity-split – you’re not washed up yet!

Collect a card of each color and you win! 

Rapid Reflex – 
How fast can your mind (and your hands) fly?
  • Be the first and fastest to connect your brain to your hand
  • Builds listening & attention skills, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches directional & color concepts, reinforces vocabulary
  • 80 brilliant things will be the object of your hands’ affection
  • Vibrant, sturdy game cards in 8 vivid colors
  • 32 Reflex Cards –lightning graphic in 8 brilliant colors 
  • 80 Action Cards –brilliant colored object & its corresponding name
  • Great for anytime, anywhere game play
  • Catchy commotion, guaranteed to draw a crowd
  • Seriously simple game rules

    Warning: Play safely.
    If you mistakenly slap a player - you may be slapped right back.

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