Sweet Heart- Toffee Pink Corolle Doll

$ 29.99
Sweet Heart Toffee Pink is an extremely soft and cuddly doll with a vinyl head and hands of color. And for extreme safety, the pretty in pink outfit is not removable. Although the cute cap with its adorable little bunny ears can be removed from the doll's head, it stays firmly attached to the outfit because of its unique innovative design.

Corolle cleverly uses a small piece of pink ribbon attached to the back of the cap with the other end attached to the top of the outfit, so when the cap is removed it hangs behind the doll like a hood. Besides safety, this means there is nothing to lose. The cap will always be with the doll. Pretty ingenious!

This doll has dark brown fixed eyes which do not open and close. The vinyl has Corolle's famous vanilla scent and the doll's body is super soft and squeezable.

If you are looking for a first doll of color for play, Corolle Sweet Heart Toffee Pink is a terrific choice. She is a 12 inch soft body baby doll full of love, and just the right size for little arms. 

Sweet Heart Toffee Pink is hand washable.

Recommended for ages 9 months and up.
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